About DRT

Life is tricky. Like, really tricky.

Seriously, the whole world feels like it’s fucking coming apart. This president? This gasping planet? And everybody shooting each other up in every single shopping mall and baseball field?

It’s just so …  almost entirely out of our hands. And I’m growing more pessimistic by the hour.

But some scientist somewhere has probably proven that a positive attitude can improve the quality of one’s time on earth by like a magnitude of eighty-fold.

And I need to find my way to some of that positivity, or I’m gonna go tumbling into the abyss. And abysses are gross and stinky and abidingly deep, and also really hard to climb back out of.

I need to create an encouraging, optimistic space for myself each and every day, only it can’t take too long, because I’ve got a job and a life and a little baby to feed. And my baby eats, like a lot. And baby food is expensive and time is short and everybody’s fucking sad, and so for all of that, I created this: a visual landing pad for all the little pep talks I give myself each day, put to simple words and pictures. Unless otherwise attributed, all words, photography and art are original creations.

In creating Daily Radical Thought, I’m officially unoffically inviting you to join me in my head as we take these few dozen trips together around the sun.

What’s it all for? I’m not quite sure. But these are my field notes as we go a’spinning. They’re thoughts! They’re radical! They’re daily!

I hope they help.

-Erin J. Bernard